You will create a visual presentation of Organizational Behavior approaches, theories, and models

You will create a visual presentation of Organizational Behavior approaches, theories, and models. Be sure to include at least two separate OB theories or models. Be sure to compare-and-contrast different theories (e.g., similarities and difference in types of teams or groups) in your visual representation and demonstrate your personal approach to applying leadership when addressing organizational behavior. Ideally, you will have at least 10 – 15 slides or if you plan to use a video, try to limit the presentation to 5 minutes. Other than these stipulations, your innovation and creativity are your guides.


The primary goal of this assignment is to visually represent your comprehensive understanding of organizational behavior principles, theories, models, and processes. Presentations should be an effective but succinct balance of theories and approaches. While you may support your ideas with text or voice-over, your message should largely (75%) be delivered visually. Your Presentation should demonstrate creative analysis and innovative thinking in illustrating your approach and understanding of organizational behavior.

In preparing your visual presentation, integrate, connect, and synthesize the course concepts found in your textbook and journal articles, analyzed throughout the course (organizational behavioral models and theories, overcoming communication barriers, conflict and negotiation, decision-making, and leadership types or perspectives). Your visual presentation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Knowledge: how effectively did you integrate different organizational behavioral theories, models and/or processes.
Analysis: how effectively did you compare-and-contrast different strategies to effectively overcome barriers or implement and communicate organizational strategies into the visual presentation?
Innovative Thinking: How effectively did you transform strategies to overcome barriers, implement and communicate organizational strategies into a meaningful visual presentation?
Managing Change: How effectively did you create a visual presentation of how you as a leader would approach organizational behavior including overcoming barriers or implementing, and communicating processes or strategies?
Visual Presentation: how effectively did you construct the visual presentation to meet the requirements of the assignment?

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