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This course assignment is under the subject: sociology with a concentration on Human Services. In this assignment, it will not only fall under that subject but also Social Pedagogy. With that said here are the directions:

These questions will require content from, readings, a film: Short Term 12, and a pocketbook called Social Pedagogy. Please answer the questions and include references along with its page number and correct citation (APA 7th edition Format). Aforementioned, you must integrate and reference ALL the required readings from this theme. This social pedagogy assignment is intended to provide you (the student) with an opportunity to explore, delineate, and reflect upon an alternative paradigm and approach when working in human services. With being said, these responses from the questions below will transform into a format of a podcast; meaning to answer/write substantially in what the question is being asked. But also be mindful that these responses will be delegated or transformed into a dialogue. In addition, you can find these readings and book: Social Pedagogy from the file dropbox here. As well as, the film, Short Term 12 from this following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8T351hCl6Y. This film is free on Youtube and Tubi. With that being said, here are the following questions:

For access to the Social Pedagogy pocketbook here is the link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/b6y9in
For access to Storo’s readings, both chapter 3 and 7, here is the link:https://www.sendspace.com/file/pkkv1j
1. Define and delineate the main characteristics of social pedagogy integrating the required Storø, Cameron, and Cameron & Moss. You can include quotes but focus on describing social pedagogy in your own words. Demonstrate your understanding of both the profession and the approach.

2. Referring to Storø’s chapter 7, choose a min. of 3 examples from “Short Term 12” and/or your own experiences in your field internship(s) and illustrate what he refers to as “tools of the social pedagogue’s trade”. You can also include examples of where the “social pedagogical tools” were not applied but could have been. Discuss what that might look like.

3. Discuss the relationship between values, theory/methods, and action (as illustrated in Storø’s chapter 3, p. 41) and how this relationship might play out in practice. Integrate examples from “Short Term 12”, the readings, and/or from your internship(s).

4. Discuss possible reasons for why both the social pedagogical approach and profession have not been developed extensively in the US and in other countries, where English is the first language. Including references from the chapter by Cameron and Moss is helpful here.

5. In the spirit of social pedagogy, an area is left blank for you. In social pedagogy, it is expected that the professionals use their agency, their discretion, and their theoretical base to be reflexive and integrate their observations, use themselves, and use their knowledge base. Therefore, please include a section in your paper which YOU think should be there. What do YOU think is important about social pedagogy that has not been required for you to write about? Don’t get nervous! Use your knowledge and experiences and include what YOU think should also be in the paper!

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns. Please let me know

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