writing a Macro Environmental Analysis report on behalf of an international company (of your choice), in relation to its operations in a foreign market (of your choice

writing a Macro Environmental Analysis report on behalf of an international company (of your choice), in relation to its operations in a foreign market (of your choice). The report should introduce and offer insight into the selected company, evaluate its macro marketing environment (incorporating theoretical ideas from the course, e.g. exploring the relevance of BoP approaches to your chosen company, critically evaluating the international brand, critically exploring effective international marketing communications approaches relevant to your chosen company and market etc.) and present a set of justified recommendations for the company with an explanation for how these recommendations could be acted upon. The theoretical components of your report will vary depending on the company you select and the foreign market you choose to investigate in relation to it. You should review the range of content in the course and identify and incorporate the most relevant, after conducting desk research on the selected company and foreign market. The international company should be headquartered outside the country you conduct the Macro analysis on. For example, if you select a medium sized engineering company based in the U.S.A, you may conduct a Macro analysis (and develop a report) on its move into a foreign market that you identify. In relation to this assignment, an international company is defined as one which sells its products/services in more than one country, and is ‘for profit’. Consider carefully the selection of the company for this assignment. Specifically, consider the following points when selecting your company: • Consider selecting a medium to large sized company, as they are more likely to have supplementary information available online (e.g. a more developed website). • Either B2B or B2C companies may be used, but again, think carefully and conduct some preliminary desk research before committing fully. • The selection of an appropriate company will require some desk research on your part, it is not your lecturer’s role to provide this to you. Ensure you select a company that will allow you to effectively showcase your knowledge and understanding of the relevant elements of the course. You should identify content from the course that is relevant to your company, and critically evaluate it in relation to the chosen company’s proposed or current operation in the chosen overseas market. • Success in this assignment will be significantly aided by research undertaken on the macro environment, consequently a full range of data-sources should be consulted including reports produced by governments and international organizations. You should also utilize a range of academic sources. You must not contact any company directly, please use desk research only. • Remember that you should notselect a company already headquartered in the country you will conduct the Macro analysis on – You are in the role of a consultant who has been commissioned to prepare a report analyzing a new market, and to outline (academically underpinned and fully justified) recommendations.
Company Assessment What do they do, where do they operate, financial health etc. (general company information/context). Macro Environment Evaluation This section could critically discuss the selected/relevant theoretical ideas from the course in relation to the selected company. A significant amount of desk research/analysis/application of theoretical ideas should be undertaken here. For example, you may identify that the selected market has a large population at the bottom of the economic pyramid, meaning it could be relevant to critically discuss this approach in relation to your chosen company, within your chosen foreign market. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of relevant course content. Problem Identification Derived from the analysis, what key challenges/problems/issues can be identified? Recommendations Based on the preceding critical discussion and problem identification, what courses of actions/or further investigation are appropriate to recommend? This section could comprise of short bullet points, it may be combined with the implementation section. Consider using cross-referencing. Implementation This section deals with explaining how the recommendations could be feasibly implemented. Timetable, resource considerations? Any legal or other barriers to implementation of the recommendations? Implementation guidance should be strongly supported by the preceding arguments/analysis, fully explained, and informed by academic understanding. You could consider incorporating Tables and Figures within this section. Reference List (not included in word count) The report should be fully referenced following Harvard Referencing. Appendix You may include some relevant Tables and Figures within the Report, additional supplementary information could be included in the appendix.

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