Write an essay on Foreign Currencies.

Find the 2017 exchange rate between the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen and the Canadian dollar. Provide your result in direct quote and indirect quote. The direct quote is how much you get in dollars for 1 unit of the foreign currency. International Business( week 4 DQ2) The indirect quote
is how much in the foreign currency you receive in exchange for $1.
After you have done this, go back ten years or so to 2007, and find the direct and indirect
quotes for the same three currencies. What are the differences in the value of the U.S.
dollar compared to the Euro, the Yen and the Canadian dollar. After you have done this,
find three different items you could buy in Europe, Japan and Canada. For example, what
would it cost to buy a car in Germany, in Japan, in Canada or some other product of your

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