write an essay about how concepts from psychology are apparent and applicable in your life. You should have an intro paragraph with a thesis statement, a 3+ paragraph body, and a conclusion paragraph.

Required Text: Psychology 12th edition by Meyers, D.G, & DeWall, N. (2018)

Intro: give a general opening, and a thesis statement. The thesis statement should explicitly mention the three concepts you plan to discuss. ex: Biopsychosocial aging, nature vs nurture, emotions/stress, love etc.

Body: Each paragraph should introduce a topic, give a definition from book, and be applied to your life in some way. it is best to give a specific detailed example. You should also include page numbers from the text where you got this info. No need for a works cited page.

Conclusion: Sum up what you discussed and give any reflection you have. Are you surprised at how applicable psychology is, etc. How will you use this info going forward.
Myers, D.G. , & DeWall, N. (2018). Psychology12Myers, D.G. , & DeWall, N. (2018). Psychology12Myers, D.G. , & DeWall, N. (2018). Psychology12thed. ISBN: 9781319050627

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