Write an Analysis of the Documentary ““Begin Japanology —Shinto Shrine” (Must be in the form of an Arugment; argue your analysis)

Watch the documentary attached:

Must make argument about Religion as a Social Phenomenon within Communities

Make sure there is an original title centered and in bold font at the top of the 1stpage
1-inch margins on all sides•Double-spaced•Spacing should be double-spaced evenly throughout (note that your Word Processor might insert slight extra spacing every time you hit “enter”—see the “Writing Resources” module for a link to a website explaining how to remove this)

Use 12-point font size for the title, the entire body of the paper, the heading “Bibliography,” and the bibliography

Times New Roman font•EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST PARAGRAPH (which is not indented), every paragraph should be indented one “tab” (do not use space bar to indent)

Pages should be numbered at the bottom center or bottom right of each page

Bibliography should be on its own page, with “Bibliography” centered and in bold font at the top of the page•Footnotes should be uniform throughout essay—single spaced, Times New Roman font, 10-or 11-point font size, no spacing between notes

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