White-Collar Crimes and Organized Crimes.

Answer each of the following questions. Please answer in an outline form as much as possible. Avoid lengthy paragraphs.
If the question says “explain”, “differentiate”, “identify”, “outline and explain”, et al., please do so. Avoid Plagiarism.
Criminal Law
1. Explain the two elements that must normally exist for a person to be convicted of a crime under criminal law.
2. Explain the key differences between Civil and Criminal Law, around the following issues: parties who bring suit, wrongful act, the burden of proof, verdict, and remedies.
3. Explain briefly the five broad categories of crimes under which crimes have been grouped.
4. Outline and explain in more detail each of the White-Collar Crimes and Organized Crimes.
5. Briefly explain the defenses raised to avoid liability for criminal acts?
6. Briefly discuss the constitutional safeguards that exist to protect persons
accused of crimes per amendments Fourth, Fifth, Six, and Eighth.
7. Briefly discuss the Exclusionary Rule and Miranda Rights.
8. Explain the difference between, felony, misdemeanor, and petty crime.

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