What is the difference between a mediator or moderator.

Essay questions

Explain the difference between a structured and unstructured interview. Give the advantages and disadvantages of each. What kind of applicant would likely perform best in an unstructured interview?
What is the difference between a mediator or moderator. Give an example of some conceptual relationship with a mediator in it. Give an example of another relationship with a moderator in it.
Imagine that an X university is considering transitioning from being a private school to becoming a public, state-funded institution. For that decision, list 1) the internal stakeholders and 2) some external stakeholders. Then, explain who the most important and least important stakeholders are and why.
The Thomas Theorem is about social facts. Explain what the Thomas Theorem means, and then describe a situation n which the Thomas Theorem would apply.
If you wanted to design a study to figure out whether a magic pill that made people taller actually worked, what would you do to make sure you were doing good quality research?
Some relationships are affected by confounding variables (also known as “confounders”). Describe what a confounding variable is and what it does. Then give an example of a confounder.
Bonus: what is the most useful thing you have learned in the class so far?

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