What do you think about codes of conduct?

1. Which is most important in ethics principles— consequences or duty? Discuss.

2. Assume that you are in your first managerial position. Identify five ways in which you might provide ethical leadership. Rank them in terms of importance, and be prepared to explain your ranking.

3. What do you think about codes of conduct? Give three reasons why an organization ought to have a code of conduct and three reasons why an organization should not have a code of conduct. On balance, how do you assess the value of codes of conduct?


1. Give a definition of ethical business behavior, explain the components involved in making ethical decisions, and give an example from your personal experience of the sources of ethical norms that affect you while making these determinations.

2. Give examples, from your personal experience, of Kohlberg’s Levels 1, 2, and 3. If you do not think you have ever gotten to Level 3, give an example of what it might be like.

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