What concepts have you really connected with? Why?

Q 1: we discussed future trends in OD. One of the trends focuses on the shift of OD professionals as strategic business partners. How will this shift change the OD interventions and talent development, especially when more organizations are operating in virtual environments?

Q2: we have discussed change management, workplace culture development, team development, leadership and management development, talent development, and future directions in OD.

What concepts have you really connected with? Why? Please use this opportunity to tell us about other books, articles, and websites that you find helpful in studying organizational development.

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  1. We discussed future trends in OD. One of the trends focuses on the shift of OD professionals as strategic business partners. How will this shift change the OD interventions and talent development, primarily when more organizations are operating in virtual environments?

Organizational Development (OD) has continuously been realizing changes from the traditional hard business competencies to new approaches that are more managerial and worker-friendly. One of these major trends is a general shift of OD professionals towards being strategic business partners (By, Burnes, & Oswick, 2011).  Early leadership practices were focused on the qualities and traits of professionals in terms of their assertiveness

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