What are the major elements of Magnolia Inc.’s competitive strategy?

Read Case #1 – Fixer Upper: Expanding the Magnolia Brand

As part of your internship requirements with the Magnolia, Inc. group of businesses, you have been asked to prepare an analysis of its competitive position in the e-commerce marketplace. Your report should be no less than 500 words (word count does not include title page, abstract, references or exhibits). The report should be in APA format.

Your report should answer: What are the major elements of Magnolia Inc.’s competitive strategy? How well do the pieces fit together? Is the strategy evolving? Explain the pressures facing Magnolia Inc. in its internal and external environments. How would you prioritize those pressures? What strategic issues confront Magnolia Inc. in 2018? What market or internal circumstances should most concern owners Chip and Joanna Gaines and the company’s senior management team? . What recommendations would you make to Magnolia Inc. to address the strategic issues confronting it in 2016 in order to sustain its impressive growth in revenues and achieve profitability?

Your report should be written from the perspective of employee to employer and not as a student to instructor. You should not reference the “Case” in this context. In other words you have been given a task by an employer and should be addressing the employer.

  1. Prepare a properly APA formatted paper of no less than 500 words.
  2. Include Title Page, Abstract, Body, References and at least one exhibit.
  3. Written from the perspective of employee to employer.
  4. Backed up by thoughtful analysis based the facts of the case and not unsupported opinion.
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