What are some of the racial differences in mental health needs and interventions/services provided in youth within our juvenile justice system?

1. Choose one APA Amicus Brief and explain the empirical science behind responsibility of evaluator to be aware of and incorporate developmental capacity during assessment and in interpretation/reporting writing.2. Name one policy the NCMHJJ recommends for court involved youth with co-occurring disorders and explain how creating such a policy would improve problem-solving court outcomes.3. Name three interventions that can be provided to youth based on screening or assessment data/information/ results.What are some of the racial differences in mental health needs and interventions/services provided in youth within our juvenile justice system?Responses must be APA formatted, 2-page maximum with a minimum of two academic/professional references; Title Page and Abstract not required.

Also reference http://www.apa.org/about/offices/ogc/amicus/index-chron.aspxTitle: Forensic Evaluation and Treatment of Juveniles: Innovation and Best
Author: Randall T. Salekin, PhD
Publisher:American PsychologicalAssociation
Edition: 1
ISBN-13: 978-1433819346
·Amicus Briefs:http://www.apa.org/about/offices/ogc/amicus/index-chron.aspx
oRoper v. Simmons 2005
oCommonwealth v. Walker 2011
oPerry v. New Hampshire 2011
oJDB v. North Carolina 2011
oGraham v. Florida 2010
oMiller v. Alabama 2012
·Fischer(2005) Ethical Decision Making Model http://www.centerforethicalpractice.org/publications/models-mary-alice-fisher-phd/ethicaldecision-making-model/
·GAINS Center: http://gainscenter.samhsa.gov/grant_programs/juvenilemhc.asp
·GAINS Center Sequential Intercept Model
·Juvenile Law Center: http://www.jlc.org/current-initiatives/keeping-kids-community/diversion-strategies
·[PDF]Blueprint forchange:A comprehensive model fortheidentification and treatment of youth with mental health needs in contact with the
juvenilejusticesystem (PDF from www.ncmhjj.com)
·Rawal, Romansky, Jenuwine, & Lyons (2004). Racial differences in the mental health needs
·and service utilization of youth in the juvenile justice system. Journal of Behavioral Health
·Sciences and Research
·Juvenile Justice Journal Volume VII #1 (found at ncjrs.gov) Youth with mental health disorders; Issues and Emerging Responses
·Interagency Panel on Juvenile Justice: http://www.ipjj.org/

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Section Supplemental Material:
· Psychological Evaluations for theCourts, ThirdEdition:AHandbook for Mental Health Professionals and
Lawyers. Melton, G., Petrila, J., Poythress, N., &Slobogin, C.
· ChildDevelopment & SocialPolicy – EdZigler & NancyHall
· Handbook of PsychologicalAssessment, Case Conceptualization, andTreatment, Children and
Adolescents(Volume 2) – MichelHersen & DavidReitman
Understanding and TreatingAdolescent Substance Use Disorders; Assessment, Treatment,
Juvenile Justice Responses. Edited by Nancy Jainchill, PhD

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