What are some of the priorities you would examine for your supply chain?

Strategic sourcing is a key function of any Procurement group. Organizations will launch new projects and programs that will require the Procurement team to support at various intervals, conduct market scanning, benchmarking, and data analysis of existing trends and market.
Scenario: When COVID-19 arose, many organizations, both private and public sector (government) needed to adapt to new demands for services and goods, in particular key commodities such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), new e-commerce platforms, data management, new sourcing approaches to secure consistent commodity supplies with multiple suppliers, etc.
As organizations begin recovery and stabilization efforts in alignment with vaccine rollouts, senior leaders in many organizations are reviewing key lessons learned around their supply chains to help inform how recovery, growth and sustainability and consumer spending patterns influence their business.
Question 1: (3 marks) What are some of the key lessons that COVID-19 brought on for supply chains professionals?
Question 2: (8 marks) If you were the Chief Purchasing Officer (CPO) for a goods manufacturer supplying the health care industry, what are some of the priorities you would examine for your supply chain and how would approach this with your staff and other organizational stakeholders through analysis of a) existing suppliers b) data acquired through the pandemic and c) customer feedback.
Question 3: (4 marks) As the Chief Purchasing Officer (same organization as in Question 2), visibility of your supply chain from raw materials production offshore with your suppliers has raised concern around whether they are using sustainable practices including fair labour practices. Working with new and existing suppliers to align to a new Supplier Code of Conduct will be key. A) How would you approach these concerns with your suppliers when they are in various parts of the world? B) What would your organization’s new Supplier Code of Conduct include?

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