Virtual child development

. Submit a type written report of a minimum of four (4) pages, not to exceed six (6).
1. Thoroughly introduce your developed Virtual Child and compare and contrast how they are different now compared to where they were in their developmentally during your midterm. Include their physical characteristics, their personality changes through their development, behavior, personality, strengths, developmental challenges, etc. Discuss the key developmental milestones that they achieved.
2. Select two major developmental issues that occurred with your child (e.g. running away, college, romantic partner, friendships, etc): Discuss how each of the two are impacted in the following areas:
-12 yrs old gained weight called herself fat
-Argues and is aggressive with classmates and friends since started at 4 yrs old age up to high school- did not improve until later.
got caught smoking at 16
a.Biological b. Psychological c.Social d. Emotional
*****For each statement made in the area discussed you should provide support from your text book, e.g. identify, define and discuss how a theory(ies) would explain the child’s development, incorporate the concepts discussed in the text.
3.Review and discuss the choices you made as a parent. What type of parenting style would you say you practiced. Define it and discuss. Provide examples that support your defined parenting style. How did your parenting style support or hinder the identity development of your virtual child?
open minded, hands on, patient
4.Identify and incorporate a scholarly journal that further supports your comments and statements with your assignment.
5.You are a High School Teacher, If your virtual child was the story of your student and you met with a concerned parent what advice would you give them to increase their adolescent child’s academic performance and social and emotional development? What services would you recommend?
6.Your adolescent virtual child has asked you questions that are related to their health. Using the research available in your text write a letter to your virtual child that provides them with health education. The information furnished in your letter should be thorough and concise. For example, what information about nutrition, sleep, sexuality, and substance use/abuse would you include? Would you combine abstinence education with information about preventing STDs and adolescent pregnancy? How would you address issues surrounding sexual orientation? What cognitive changes during adolescence should you consider when planning your letter? Is there any information that you would not include in your letter? If so, explain.
Make sure you proof read your work and that you paraphrase the information in the text. Use your own words. Also, make sure you identify the concepts with your descriptions. If you describe a child who engages in illegal acts, use the term “delinquency” (Chapter 16) or if you describe that a child has expectations of their caregivers and that these expectations serve as a model for the formation of later close relations, identify and define the concept of “internal working model”. If you fail to use the concepts in your descriptions I will assume you are unaware of the connection and this will cause a deduction in points towards your final grade. REMEMBER FOR EVERY STATEMENT MADE PROVIDE SUPPORT FROM YOUR TEXT

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