Using APA in Your Field of Study

APA style and citations are a vital part of scholarly writing and essential to your success as a student in your doctoral program. As an emerging scholar-practitioner, you will be asked to synthesize information from numerous resources and apply them to your field of study.

For this Discussion, review your Learning Resources related to the social sciences and crediting sources. Then, research a topic of importance in your field of study.

By Day 4
my field of study: I’m a medical student you can use that to chose a topic

Post a response to the following:

Using the APA style of writing, post a summary on a topic of importance in your field of study and also explain how this topic is relevant to your field of study. Provide two resources in APA style and citation format to support your topic.
By Day 6

Respond to your colleagues’ postings. Provide a substantive reply to your colleagues in the following way:

Expand on your colleague’s posting with additional insight and resources on his or her chosen topic. Provide support for your response by referencing a source using APA format.

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