Use of Tobacco


You may go to one of FAU’s library databases, such as PubMed or Medline. Do not use direct quotes. If you decide you must, you may use only one for the paper, less than 14 words and cited correctly. Identify the best resources for your topic. Your research and resources must include: Minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed professional journal articles. Minimum of two (2) additional academic sources. Sources range from a professional in the field or valid website, no blogs or opinions. Literature cited must be from reputable and appropriate sources. No “” or Wikipedia citations. Prepare a well thought-out research paper effectively and specifically addressing your topic. Paper will consist of 1500 to 3000 words. Please do not exceed the word limit for written material. Cover page includes: Title of Your Paper Your Full Name, due date “This paper is submitted in HSC 4146: Substance abuse class, Dr. Graves.” Reference page. APA format for all references The paper must be: Typed, double spaced, Font–in 12 point, Arial/Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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