I have written an abstract based off of this question

Compare Frankenstein to another work of science-fiction (literature, film, video games) that makes direct reference to it or adapts it somehow. What precisely does this comparison reveal or illuminate about the novel that you would not have seen otherwise?



This is my Abstract

Both Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein (1818), and John Milton’s poem Paradise lost, (1667) share three main similarities. The first similarity that both works share are that the protagonists are both evil. In Milton’s poem the protagonist is Satan, he rebels against God and is banished to hell. In being sent to hell, he is stripped of his angelic beauty and becomes hideous. In Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein’s creation, which is the monster, is a man made of dead corpses. In both works, there is the common theme of tragedy in human weakness. Milton shows how Eve’s temptation gets the best of her and she eats from the forbidden tree knowing that God has told her not to. She also tells Adam what she has done and convinces him to eat from the tree too. Shelly on the other hand shows how Frankenstein was overly ambitious and hurt those around him in order to complete his creation. The highlight in both stories shows the struggles between good and evil. In Shelley’s novel, the monster Frankenstein has created kills those he loves and in Milton’s poem, Satan battles with God until he realizes that he has lost his war with Heaven. Most importantly as readers, we can see that the war they are fighting has already been lost. They have no chance to overcome the evil they have embraced themselves into.


Now you have to use EVERYTHING from my abstract to write a 5 page paper.

This essay must discuss everything written in my abstract

The only thing from the abstract to the essay that can be changed is the point that both Satan and Frankenstein’s creation are portrayed to be evil. I would suggest that you elaborate more on this point in the essay and also explain whether Satan and Frankenstein are willingly evil or if they are driven to be evil by outside forces. For instance, the creation rebels because he is rejected by his creator.

Reminder this is an ARGUMENTATIVE, i.e. PERSUASIVE Paper.

The text that must be used in this essay is Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley and Paradise lost by John Milton. *NOTE ONLY Frankenstein 1818 VERSION*

This paper must be in MLA format and double spaced.

Link to Frankenstein 1818 Edition Mary Shelley’s book (Also will include pdf version with attached files)

I also attached files to Paradise lost by John Milton. *NOTE ONLY DISCUSS Paradise lost BOOKS #1, #2, #4, AND #9*.

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