The Peoples Temple cult

My researched based argument essay is on The Peoples Temple cult.
First Half of Essay: Your first body paragraphs should address the specific cult or conspiracy theory that you are using to help explain what a cult or conspiracy theory is. It will likely take you at least two or three full pages to give a thorough history of your chosen, specific topic. This history should summarize and “tell the story” of the cult or the conspiracy theory in chronological order from start to finish. Thus, the first several body paragraphs should address the following questions:
How did it get started?
Who is involved?
What did people believe at first?
Why did they believe it?
How did it spread?
How has it changed over time?
What was the end result?
Second Half of Essay: Your later body paragraphs should move from the specific example to answer the more generalized “why” and “how” questions that are included in the prompt. This is where you will make your original argument!
If you chose a conspiracy theory, why do people believe this particular conspiracy? What existing beliefs does this conspiracy theory confirm for people? What kinds of people are more likely to believe conspiracy theories? How do conspiracy theories spread? Why is it so hard to debunk a conspiracy theory? In other words, why won’t conspiracy theorists accept the evidence that disproves the theory?
If you chose a specific cult, why do people join cults in general? What kind of people are attracted to cults? Why is so hard to leave a cult? What if anything can family members do if a loved one joins a cult? What are some warning signs of a cult?

Important Note about the First Half of Your Essay’s Body: Since the first part of the body will include summarized materials from your research, be careful not to inadvertently plagiarize! Remember the key to avoiding unintentional plagiarism, and don’t look at your sources while you are writing about them! Instead, read a section of the source, put the source away where you can’t see it, and then write a sentence or two paraphrasing what you just read in your own words. Repeat this process until you have a full summary of all the main ideas that you want to use to answer the questions above. Then when you go to write your draft, you should just “tell the story” of your topic in your own words. Of course, you will want to add specific details or quotes from the sources that need to be cited, but your initial draft of this information should be written entirely in your own words based entirely on your memory of the information you learned during the research process. Again, the trick is to NOT look at the source as you write your paper.

III. Conclusion
Restate your thesis from the introduction in different words
Briefly summarize each main point found in the body of the paper (avoid going over 2 sentences for this part)
Give a statement of the consequences of not understanding your essay’s topic.
End with a strong clincher statement: an appropriate, meaningful final sentence that ties the whole point of the paper together (may refer back to the attention grabber)

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