The Musée d’Orsay and a Dream Exhibition

Purpose of the Assignment:

The objective of this final assignment is threefold. First, completing it will result in earning up to 50 points! Second, it will provide an opportunity to learn about one of the most important museums associated with our course, the Musée d’Orsay. Third, you can exercise some creativity and show off the knowledge you have gained by curating an exhibition of 10-12 works from the museum.


Where to begin?

Read about the history of the museum


What was the building before it became a museum? When and why was the original structure built?


When did the museum open to the public and what is the time period represented?


At the time of the renovation in the 80s, the plans and architect were controversial. An interesting read:

What was the basis of the controversy?


Curating your exhibition:

The museum has a staggering and jaw dropping collection. You have been named a distinguished guest curator. It is your job to bring ten to twelve works from the museum to the UNF campus.


Which do you select and why? Do you have a theme in mind? Representations of the poor? A theme of social justice? Landscapes? Representations of persons of color? Paintings by female artists? A study of one artist in more detail than we do in class? Are these important works for a reason or reasons? Certainly, you can select works we’ve studied in class or you can include those we haven’t. You can choose from sculpture and decorative art, too. Your exhibition should tell a story and have a theme.


Start by exploring the museum’s website: and

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