“Test Kitchen.”

For this assignment I would like you to practice modifying a recipe for healthy living. Throughout the textbook at the end of each chapter there is a section called, “Test Kitchen.” Please choose at least one of these and complete all the steps. This can come from any of the chapters from the textbook. This should be fun and allow you the opportunity to apply what you have learned throughout the semester.

What to submit:

1-2 page, double spaced, using 12 point font, normal font, 1 inch margins, written summary of your experience. Answer all the questions and provide details about each step followed. Also, try your recipe! What did you learn? Would you make this recipe again? What was the final recipe? Feel free to include pictures as well!

This will be due on the last day of class.

This assignment is worth up to 15 points.

Points will only be awarded to students who have submitted all assignments, discussions and exams by the last day of the semester.

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