Technological innovation in brick and mortar stores

The article is The Future of Shopping by Darrell Rigby. this is the link to the article
Find and report: (i) Online retail sales in the US in $ bn or $ tn (ii) Amazon’s most recent ROI; be sure to specify what period it is for (iii) Average ROI of traditional discount and/or department stores for the same period as Amazon. Use bullet points or table, do not report in paragraph form.
Rigby states that at least 4 factors hold back retailers from technological innovation in brick and mortar stores. (i) One of these factors relates to the way traditional retailers measure performance of stores. What is the problem with it? (ii) Even though Amazon’s profit margin was lower than that of traditional retailers, why was Amazon’s market value of $100 bn the same as that of Target and other similar stores? (Just FYI, Amazon’s net worth today is $1.7 tn, while Target is at about $70 bn. One sentence for each of the two responses.
Retailers defined their roles in the past as stocking products consumers might want, creating awareness about them, and making them attractive to buy in the store. What is different today? Discuss up to 3 points in no more than one sentence each.

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