Sustainability Reporting

The focus of accounting as a practice is changing. It is no longer primarily about financial performance: social and environmental performance is also crucial in attaining organisational success. This assignment is designed for you to examine the trend in accounting reports in the practical world, which allows you to apply the knowledge learnt in the course in practice.

You are required to select one publicly listed company from New Zealand and one publicly listed company from Canada. One company should be from manufacturing sector and the second one should be a retailer. Examine the sustainability reports and any other sustainability reporting channels of these companies. You will need to do some research on the background of sustainability reporting, different rules and regulations being applied in these countries and industries, and use them as them as the basis for comparison and building up your opinions on these reports. (ANZCO Foods company in New Zealand, L’Oreal company in Canada).

Identify the differences in these reports with a focus on social and environmental reporting and explain the following: why are they reporting it?

Following on this structure:


Company background

(ANZCO Foods company in New Zealand, L’Oreal company in Canada)

Why are they reporting it ?



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