Summary and Analysis

Using one of the new sources from (UN News, Human Rights Watch, BBC, RT News,The Intercept,The Economist, The Financial Times, Democracy Now!, Truthdig, Jacobin, New York Review of Books, Mother Jones)
Please select an article having to do with UNEQUAL BURDENS OF UNEMPLOYMENT in Chapter9 Macroeconomics.
(Different groups experience unemployment very differently:
•Occupation – lower vs. higher-skilled workers
•Age – teenagers vs. adults
•Race/Ethnicity – minorities vs. whites/Asians
•Gender – men vs. women
•Education – lower vs. higher educated workers
•Class – lower vs. higher income level
•Duration – chronic vs. temporary unemployment)
It can be internationally or domestically focused, but must be relevant to the material. Think about the problem or situation the article discusses and unpack its meaning or implications. What are your thoughts, ideas, or criticisms? Raise questions and address concerns. How does it tie into what you are learning in class?

Please write a short essay consisting of a brief (one paragraph) summary of the article, and then an analysis (longer than one paragraph) of the article. It should contain 25% summary and 75% analysis.

This is also an opportunity to demonstrate some analytical rigor in expressing what you have learned so far. Please have a bibliography if you use multiple sources, and be sure to send me a link to the article you choose.

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