Sudden death of a loved one and its impact and CRISIS INTERVENTION strategies

APA Format: This is an 8-page assignment ( the 8 pages do not include the title page and reference page). Please do not go over 9-pages. You must follow APA format. The paper must include a title page, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman. No abstract.

You must have a Running Head and a Header for each page, as well as page numbers at the bottom center of each page. You must also have Headings for each section of your paper at the center. If your paper does not follow APA format, especially in-text citations matching your reference page-you will be deducted 10 points automatically.

2. Introduction: (Heading)-at least 1 page

Statement of the crisis problem: Define the crisis problem and provide evidence of the significance of the crisis problem. (5 points).

Based on the crisis problem, describe the focus of your analysis. In other words, clearly and concisely explain why you are focusing on this crisis problem/issue. (5 points).

3. Literature Review: (Heading)-at least 2-3 pages

Provide a literature review supporting the crisis problem statement (at least 4 journal articles must be incorporated in this section). (40 points).

4. Analysis: (Heading)-at least 2-3 pages

Analyze the focus of the crisis problem/issue through the lens of our textbook. In other words, place the problem/issue within the context of our book. For example, a specific theory (developmental and/or situational) discussed in class that is contained in the textbook. (20 points). Also, include an analysis from the ABCDE model of Crisis Intervention.

5. Conclusion: (Heading)- at least 2 pages

Provide some relevant recommendations towards addressing the crisis problem/issue that our textbook offers, and a relevant journal article presents. In other words, how can the crisis problem/issue be effectively addressed. Describe specific evidence-based interventions and/ or strategies. (20 points).

6. References: (Heading) 5 journal articles and our textbook=total of 6 references. All six references must be in alphabetical order based on the last name of the authors, etc. Do not leave any unnecessary spaces between the sections of your paper. In other words, do not create a “new page” after each heading.

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