Strategic Management Project


MGMT 4830 – STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS PAPER OBJECTIVE: To determine whether you can evaluate a company’s internal and external environments and create a strategic plan. INSTRUCTIONS: • Each of you will pick a publicly traded company from the S&P Small Cap 600 to evaluate. You and your professor will agree on the company before beginning because two students will not be assigned the same company. • All projects must be typed and double spaced and follow APA Style Guidelines (see OWL @ Purdue). • The project must be in complete sentences and will be graded on grammar, spelling, and whether your answers are clear and precise. • Your grade will depend on the thoroughness of your analysis. • You will receive a zero if more than 25% of your paper is deemed to be plagiarized. Further, you are NOT allowed to reference other people’s analysis of the company. The only references that are acceptable are SEC company filings and articles from business publications with an author. For full credit, you must cite each of your references in your paper. • DUE Sunday, December 8, 2019. ANALYSIS: Your analysis must include all sections shown below. Label each heading appropriately. Provide a brief purpose of each section before each analysis. Point values for each section are given. Project is worth a total of 220 points. COMPANY: The Vitamin Shoppe Inc I. Strategic Profile – (20 points) SLO 2 A. Background and Current Situation B. Mission & Vision C. Business Level D. Corporate Level II. External Analysis (40 points) SLO 7 A. General Environment B. Industry Analysis (Porter’s Five Forces) C. Competitor Analysis III. Internal Analysis (20 points) SLO 4 A. Resources B. Capabilities C. Core Competencies IV. Financial Analysis (40 points) SLO 3 A. Profitability B. Liquidity C. Leverage D. Activity E. Shareholder Return V. SWOT Analysis (40 points) SLO 5 A. Strengths B. Weaknesses C. Opportunities D. Threats VI. Corporate Governance (20 points) SLO 6 A. Board of Directors B. Primary Stakeholders C. Secondary Stakeholders VII. Strategy Formulation (20 points) SLO 1 A. Strategic Alternative 1 B. Strategic Alternative 2 C. Evaluation of Alternatives D. Strategic Selection and Conclusion VIII. APA Style with References and Citations (20 points) (Up to 20 points will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors.) Helpful resources

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