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There are many models of blended learning environments. Please review the following links to our types of blended learning models on the study guide: Rotation (4 subtypes), Flex, A la carte, and Enriched Virtual by accessing the website listed below. As you review the information, please answer the following questions under each link on the attached study guide.

Lesson 2 Study Guide

Part A

  1. Define the Station Rotation Blended Learning Model:

  1. Other stations in the station rotation model might include what types of learning activities?
  1. What is the “holy grail” of the station rotation model demonstrated by KIPP LA? (choose watch video)

Read:Create Small Learning Communities With the Station-Rotation Model

  1. What strategies can you include to foster student ownership using the station rotation model?
  1. Discuss how you would implement station rotation in a remote learning environment.
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