Social Work-Assessment

Social Work- USA standard and References

NB: Due date 12/3/20 by 5pm eastern time

Work should be free of errors that detract from the overall message, in APA format. A minimum of 2 scholarly sources for each question and all literature cited must be current, with publication dates within five years of 2020. Paper must be 3 pages long double-spaced using times Roman, 12-point font. Each paragraph MUST have at least one citation and any stats must be cited. Paper. Each question must be answered chronologically not in essay format. No extra spacing between paragraphs and numbering of paragraph.



Outpatient Services which is one of the 5 levels of care- discuss your opinion of the most appropriate theoretical approach to treatment for a client in this level. In addition, discuss the importance of identifying the most appropriate level of care for the client.

· Co-occurring Disorders

The ASI is an example of an assessment that addresses both addiction and mental health issues. Give an example of a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress that could be indicated on the ASI. Provide an example of another assessment tool that could help provide additional information to ensure an accurate diagnosis according to the DSM-5.


· Review the “Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report,”. Describe how you would present the assessment results for Jane Sample. Be certain to provide a description of what the inventory measures, including what it can and cannot determine. Assume you have met Jane in your role as an addiction professional and she is in early recovery.

· Review “Fundamentals of Career Assessment” from the Assessment in Counseling: Practice and Applications ebook. Select one of the instruments from chapter 10 and discuss how you might incorporate it into the assessment process for a client that is unemployed and looking for work. Include in your discussion the importance of vocational rehabilitation for people with substance use disorders.

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