Short film analysis


For this second response paper (and please note there are just two, not three as originally indicated in the syllabus) you get to choose- read a journal article and write a response paper. Or watch a short film and write a response paper. In both cases your paper guidelines are similar to last time: read the article/watch the film and explain the social and economic significance, with an emphasis on economic analysis. In 2-3 pages (space and a half) you should:

  • briefly summarize the article
  • explain the economic issues in the article- what topics are addressed and what do they mean in terms of the article
  • your opinion of the topic and what it might mean for the future
  • anything else you wish to add

2-3 pages, due Thursday night

*links to articles and videos in Canvas module*

The teacher asked for space and half between paragraphs.You can find an article about microeconomics on the Internet or video after watching.Then write according to the requirements I sent you.You sould write 3 pages.

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