Samples and Sampling

A. Please visit your Pearson site under the “MyLab and Mastering” link on the left and watch the video on chapter 8 so you can learn about sampling and surveys:
(Links to an external site.)

B. An example of proper sampling technique is discussed in the interview below of Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.


C. AFTER watching the uncommon knowledge video above, answer the following questions and submit them as a MS Word document or a PDF. Be sure to include your name and student ID in the header along with the title of the activity: “Extra credit on sampling and surveys”.

1) What is the population of interest in Dr. Bhattacharya’s study?


2) How did the researchers create a sampling frame for this study?


3) What were the ingredients of the multistage sample study that makes this survey a properly randomized sample?


4) Summarize the statistical results of the survey in terms of the proportion of people in Santa Clara county

a) exposed to the virus,

b) asymptomatic,

c) showing symptoms,

d) hospitalized,

e) recovered and

f) fatally infected


5) Are the results of this study generalizable to Contra Costa county? Explain


6) Find a list of other research in other counties or burroughs in the US that show either confirmatory or conflicting results to the survey described in Dr. Bhattacharya’s Uncommon

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