Review of work of art by an Artist

Only 75-100 Word NO MORE WORD than 100 !!!!!!!
Write 75-100 words on a work of art by an Artist from the in-class lectures or (Links to an external site.). If you pick an Artist from the course lectures, you must choose a work of art that we did not review. · Describe why you decided to select the piece. · Was it inspirational? · Did something about the artist’s practice interest you? · Did something about its aesthetics speak to you? This assignment is not a research paper. No external sources or citations are necessary. Include an image of the work, its title, and the artist’s name. If your writing is not original, you will not receive credit. Submissions that include external sources copied and pasted from the internet will not receive credit. Grading Rubric · 5 (five) points: Image of artwork you are analyzing. Include the title of the piece and the artist’s name. (This is the only information you can copy from the internet). · 5 (five) points: For staying within the word limit. We will deduct points for submissions below or above the word count of 75-100 words. · 5 (five) points: Grammar and spelling · 10 (ten) points: Analyzes. 25 (twenty-five) points total.

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