The Research Paper
The structure of a Research Paper is a little different from the goal of the previous paper you wrote (the They Say, I
Say Paper), however the goals are the same. Whereas that paper asked you to respond to an academic article with your opinion, this paper is asking you to interpret an issue with an argument supported by research. This paper, if done well, will demonstrate your ability to think critically and fully examine a topic as it is presented by credible, academic sources.
Ultimately, the goals of a Research Paper are:
• Make an original argument that is supported by your interpretation of your research
• Demonstrate an understanding of various scholarly sources
• Write formally with an academic tone that does not consist of personal narrative or opinions
• Effectively persuade via effective writing
In my opinion, one area that students tend to fall short in this endeavor is deciding to find research that supports their own pre-existing idea or try to force the research they find to do so. The shift here is that you should find your argument in the research.
So, rather than…
FIRST deciding to write a paper in which you will argue that obesity epidemic could best be solved by making fast food illegal to sell to children, and THEN reading articles in Chapter 20 to try to find points to support your idea
Instead, you would try…
FIRST reading a collection of articles that deal with the obesity epidemic, and THEN deciding what
argument for that collection of information seems to support as a solution
This paper, if done well, will demonstrate your ability to think critically and fully examine a topic as it is presented by credible, academic sources. This paper differs from our first paper in that it requires you to use research, and not your own opinions or knowledge to evaluate both sides of continuing debates. But you are still, as Graff et al puts it, “entering into a conversation”. Your job is still to support one side of an argument by refuting its opposition.
We will be working on the building of this paper throughout the next few weeks. I have created, along with lectures, a detailed research paper instruction packet with outlines, templates for conclusions, lessons on paraphrasing, etc. You are responsible for writing your paper as you are instructed to do so.. If you do not “attend class” by watching the recorded lectures, or asking questions, come to office hours etc., you will most likely write a subpar paper. If you ignore the instruction of how to write such a paper, your paper won’t pass.
The requirements for the paper:
• Your topic must be a relevant, debatable current issue
• Your paper needs a minimum of SIX credible, academic sources
• The paper will be in complete and proper MLA format.
• The final paper will be both printed out and submitted via Canvas/Turn It In by the due date
• The paper will be 8-11 pages, not including the Works Cited
• Your paper will adhere to the Research Paper Guide/Instructions we have reviewed in class – see below
• Finally, you are required to have an appointment with the Writing Center during Week 13 or Week 14 with a
completed draft. There will be more details about this on canvas. This requirement is 5% of the research paper grade.
Please refer
source can only be in bc liberty if not you get a F
the upload file tell you what all need be on the paper
Proposed topic 1
Tree: Health​
Branch: Maternity​
Smaller branch: Restrictions and policies
Leaf: Abortion should be made legal

Proposed topic 2
Tree: Culture
Branch: Social policies
Smaller branch: Marriage norms
Leaf: Marriage between people with the same sex should be banned

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