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Summarize and critique the following attached research article called “Use of Electronic Medication Administration Records to Reduce Perceived Stress and Risk of Medication Errors in Nursing Homes”. Content of your critique should include: – Title Page. – Describe the problem and purpose of the research study (This is a summary) Is the problem of the study discussed in the introduction? What is the problem statement? Is the significance of the study established in the introduction? What is the significance of this study? (Summary no more than 1/3 of paper) – Describe the research methods, including process of data collection, sampling, and data analysis, for the research study. Identify research question, hypotheses, purpose and specific aims/objectives. Who were the subjects and or participants? What sampling approach was undertaken and why? How sample size was justified? What level of measurement was used for the variable(s)? What instrument(s) was used? How reliability and validity was established? – Summarize the major findings and conclusions of the study – Critique the strengths and weaknesses of the research methods. The expectation is that you also cite your textbook, when describing research methods or criteria for evaluating research. (Book: Fain, J. “Reading, understanding and applying nursing research”) – How this study is relevant to evidence-based practice in nursing?

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