Research Assignment based on Ethics dealing with a Ponzi Scheme Case Study


The objective is this project is to learn about ethical issues in Business through independent study. You will research the history in detail and write a paper based on your research. Select one of the following ethical scandals to study:

· Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

This was the section that I picked


A large percentage of your time on this project will be spent researching and reading about the topic that you select (remember the objective is learning through independent study). Your paper must have structure and contain at least six sections. Those six are:

1. Introduction

2. Background

3. Details

4. Reason(s)/motivation

5. Outcomes

6. Conclusion

Do not Worry about the introduction or Conclusion. I am just looking for things to put into the body of this paper so mainly focus on Details, reason(s)/ motivation for the most part. Need information on the case for those sections with references and that is it.


1. All papers must be typed using MS Word, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12 with a 1-inch margin on all 4 sides.

2. Use a tab to designate the beginning of a paragraph.

3. References must listed on the last page(s). Use APA Style for citing your references.

4. You must research/read and cite at least 8 different sources in your paper.

5. Must include a cover page with the title (line #1), your name (line #2) and the date (line #3) centered vertically and horizontally on the page and double spaced.

6. Paper must be at least 8 pages long (excluding the Cover Page and Works Cited).


Not asking for the 9 pages just about a page and a half of information and once I start I plan to incorporate the information into my main paper and 8 sources is not what I am asking for I will add a few sources of my own of course but just need around 4.




The Individual Paper will be graded using the following criteria.


1. Following guidelines and requirements listed above.

2. Completeness of your research and study. This will be evident in the sources that you use/cite in the body of your paper.

3. Quality of your submitted paper. I have done research on these 5 scandals and have read over 100 student papers. You will be graded on how thoroughly you research and the detail of your analysis. Grading will also include grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

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