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Please number all answer exactly like this document is presented. Thank you. Assignment: 1 Below is a list of terms that are related to experiments. I want you to write down what you think each term means. Please specific as much as possible. Just simple definitions. Terms: 1. Theory 2. Research question 3. Conceptual independent variable 4. Operationalized independent variable 5. Conceptual dependent variable 6. Operationalized dependent variable 7. Alternative hypothesis 8. Null hypothesis 9. Confounds 10. Population 11. Sample Assignment: 2 Must watch first the uploaded video Read the section 3 of the book in case you need some extra information. Please make sure you have completely finished watching the Research Method Study Design slides before you start this activity. If you have not watched the video, the text below will not make sense. In the slides, we talked about creating our own Norm of Reciprocity study. The goal is to create a second condition (or group) to compare to the original study that was done in the 1960s. Instead of mailing letters to send a message, we are going to send text messages. The goal is to see if people are more likely to reciprocate a positive message if it is via letters (1960 study; condition 1) or via text messages (our study; condition 2). Please come up with answers to the following questions (see below) based on the video you watch. Questions to Answer: 1) What is the theory you are testing? 2) What is the research question? 3) What is the conceptual independent variable? 4) How are you going operationalize the independent variable? 5) What is the conceptual dependent variable? 6) How are you going operationalize the dependent variable? 7) What is your alternative hypothesis? 8) What is your null hypothesis? 9) Are there any confounds we should be aware of? 10) What is the population we wish to generalize to? 11) How will we determine our sample? 12) Do you agree that this is a good message to send? If not, what is a better message? Why? Assignment: 3 (3 pages assignment ) Read the section 4 of the book to support the assignment. The goal of this activity is to create a three-day retreat designed to get its participants to stop a negative behavior or add a positive behavior to their lives. For example, your retreat could attempt to get people to stop smoking or get people to start exercising. Use what you know about classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and motivation to inform your design. Your design should include: 1- A flyer advertising your design o Goal is to get someone to want to read more about your retreat 2- A one page write up describing your retreat to a potential participant o Goal is to get someone to want to go to your retreat 3- A two page write up describing how the research/theories you have learned in class supports your design o Goal is to show that you can and have appropriately applied what we have learned in the Behaviorism section to design a retreat that will change behaviors. This is the link for the book:

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