Reflection Letters

Every fourth week, you are to write a three-page reflection letter to someone of your choosing who is not in the class (Sibling, friend, parent, former grade teacher, public figure etc.,). In this letter, you are to explain the major topics covered in class within a three-week period, and how they shape and inform your thinking. The letter should be structured as if it was a formal document, which means following letter-writing rules.

Papers must be/have:


Plain white cover sheet with (1) Name, (2) Course Title and Course # (do not repeat this

information in the body of the paper)

Three pages in length (Cover sheet not included)

Double-spaced (Microsoft Word 2003)

Spacing between paragraphs must be marked by indentations (tabs); in other words, do not

add an additional double space between paragraphs

1” margins

12 pt New Times Roman font

.50 points will be deducted for each instruction point not followed

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