Re write the introduction incorporating the budget problem.


I need you to write a introduction including the following Sky is a market leader in both entertainment and provision of direct consumer products in Europe. In 1989, the company first launched its free to air channel. In 2019, it had an annual turnover of 17.7 billion and was subject to a takeover from American based Comcast (Sky 2019). Sky employs over 29,000 employees in the U.K. where it has over 12.5 million subscribers and the budgeting problem ( the bonus budget is set at the start of the finacial year by the finace team and given to the incentive team to to manage. The budget of the sales department is 24% of the full time employees salary. This is reviewed every quarter due to any over spend or under spend depending on sales. The issue that if there is any overspend the next quarter the agents are then impacted by the incentive scheme been reviewed and lowered. I also need you to look at weeks 11 and 12 and incorparte 1 or 2 concepts in the introduction. I would class the budgeting problem as ever changing market conditions in the budgeting cycle and the impact it has on us as employees and a team. The introduction should include the element that are listed within file2 and also in file 2 in the comments from my tutor to improve my mark.



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