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Name___________________________________ DQR200 Assignment 4c Course: __________
Solve the following problems. Write the answers in the answer space provided. Please show all work. Scan and upload
into Canvas by the due date assigned.
1) 8C3 1)
2) 6P4 2)
3) How many ways can an IRS auditor select 5 of 10 tax returns for an audit? 3)
4) A pollster wants to minimize the effect the order of the questions has on a person’s
response to a survey. How many different surveys are required to cover all possible
arrangements if there are 8 questions on the survey?
5) How many ways can 6 people be chosen and arranged in a straight line if there are 8
people to choose from?
6) In a certain lottery, five different numbers between 1 and 20 inclusive are drawn. These are
the winning numbers. To win the lottery, a person must select the correct 5 numbers in the
same order in which they were drawn. What is the probability of winning?
7) A tourist in France wants to visit 12 different cities. How many different routes are
8) A company wants to hire a software engineer, an administrative assistant, and a sales
representative. There are 5 possible candidates for the position of software engineer, 2 for
the position of administrative assistant, and 4 for the position of sales representative. How
many ways are there to choose the three people who will be hired?
9) License plates are made using 3 letters followed by 3 digits. How many plates can be made
if repetition of letters and digits is allowed?
10) There are 8 members on a board of directors. If they must form a subcommittee of 6
members, how many different subcommittees are possible?

Topic 18 Basics of Probability                                                                                                                         Please complete the following assessment by providing the answers in the cells provided.
Please refer to the tables on the right when appropriate.
The following data represent the region of birth of foreign-born residents in the US in 2000.
1. Find the probability a randomly selected Foreign Born US Residents was born in the America’s. Region Number (thousands)
Europe 4,772
answer: Asia 8,364
Africa 840
2. What is the probability a randomly selected employee does not earn retirement benefits? Oceana 180
Latin America 15,472
answer: North America 836
3. What is the probability of a false positive pregnancy test?
answer: Employees of a Company
Retirement Benefits No Retirement Benefits   total
4. What is the probability a pregnancy test will not result in a false positive test result? Male 250 50
answer: Female 125 75
5. Suppose you toss 3 fair coins. What is the probability thay you get 2 or more tails?
answer: Pregnancy Test Results
Positive Test Negative Test   total
6. If you roll two dice, what is the probability of getting the same thing on both dice? Pregnant 80 5
answer: Not Pregnant 3 11
7. If you roll two dice, what is the probability of not getting a sum of 7?
8. If a card is selected from a standard 52 card deck. What is the probability of selecting a club or diamond?
9. If a card is selected from a standard 52 card deck. What is the probability of selecting a face card or an Ace?
10. If you roll 2 dice, what is the probability the sum is a 4, 7 or 10?
10. If 2 passengers are selected at random from the Titanic Mortality Data, what is the probability the first selected is a boy and the second selected is a girl?
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