Public Service Announcement Brochure

Imagine you are the public health education officer that commissioned this video: : Forest Fires PSA (1988) “Only you can prevent forest fires”- Smokey The Bear”. Your task is to now create an accompanying PSA brochure to illustrate a policy decision or to influence a particular target audience. You can use the examples (below) as a guide, or create your own design. Before you get started, read the marking criteria to ensure that you are including all of the required elements.

Example that will be of assistance.

Make sure you:

Identify whom the brochure will be address to (target decision-maker audience).
Search references to accompany the presentation of the PSA in brochure format and discussions with your hypothetical Board of Health region or other decision-making group.

1. The information presented in the brochure should be gathered from a range of supporting documents. You need to cite these 4 or 5 references in your accompanying presentation brief.

2. Before handing in your assignment, evaluate your brochures from the standpoint of the public health officer.

Check to see if the following elements of the PSA policy strategy are clear:

Define what the organizational position is.
Identify key messages.
Determine allies in this strategy.
Decide the target for the strategy.
Identify opportunities and threats.
Explain where to go for more information.

3. The Presentation Brief: Prepare a two-page brief to present the results of your strategy with key brochure points to the hypothetical Board of Health. Explain why the brochure and PSA will have the desired impact based from the process of evaluating an everyday example of a policy strategy.

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