Public History Site Research Project over Oklahoma History Center

This is a college level research paper and will be graded as such. All material should be researched, documented and cited according to Turabian or The Chicago Manual of Style; if you do not know what that means, please find out before beginning your paper.


The paper should include:

1) A title page

2) The 4 – 5 page manuscript with introduction, body, and conclusion

3) Endnotes

4) Bibliography. (Bib. and Endnotes are on separate pages)


The paper should be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font using the default Microsoft Word settings (except for line spacing; no extra spaces between paragraphs). The paper will use Endnotes not Footnotes. If you are unsure what this means or are having difficulty with any of these requirements, it is your responsibility to ask for assistance prior to the due-date of the paper.


Some topics to cover in your historic site reports.



1. When did this site open or become a historic site?


2. Who sponsored this site? Who was behind the push for commemoration or preservation?


3. What were the motives of the people(s) who pushed for the opening? Why did they think this needed to happen?


4. Who is left out of the story? Are there points of view that are ignored? How would the story appear if it was told by someone else or from a different perspective?


5. Are there issues with the language or symbolism used at the site?


6. How is the site used today? Is it the scene of ritual or symbolic actions i.e. parades, festivals, meetings, annual gatherings etc.


7. Is the presentation at the site accurate? What sources are used to inform the message given at the site?


8. Why did you choose this site?


9. What is the mission statement of the museum or site?


10. What are the visitor demographics?


11. How is this site funded? Who pays for the costs of running this site?

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