Psychology Research Paper

Paper Requirements

Choose a topic of Interest to you. ( career interest, hobby , public, human interest or
political issue.) The item you choose should be something you genuinely care about deeply.

Your instructor will help you to relate the topic to a psychological concept or idea which can
be located in peer reviewed studies found in peer reviewed journals. Your instructor will

provide guidance on narrowing your focus to a thesis for your paper. Your instructor will

provide guidance on how to search and find relevant articles Use the library and internet

databases for scholarly articles available to you. Choose one peer reviewed article, relevant

to your interests, as it relates to psychology to discuss in your paper

Paper Components Due 12/7/20

6 minimum not including cover page and reference page, APA Format

Part 1

Summary of article- Briefly summarize the following:

Authors, Title, Date –Journal, volume publication

Purpose of the study




Discussion /Benefits and Limitations

Part 2

What is my area of interest?

How does my area of interest relate to psychology?

Why this article is relevant to both my area of interest and psychology?

What are the relevant concepts that you have learned about psychology and your

field of interest ?

How can these ideas apply to everyday life in your opinion?

Part 3

Part 3

Choose a licensed mental health counselor. licensed social worker, marriage and family therapist or psychologist to interview by phone, Zoom or other safe method. Look on your own but if you cannot find one to interview, I will help you find one. Ask these questions and add one more of your own.

What are your credentials? What are the requirements for them?
How many years have you been practicing?
What types of difficulties do you help your clients to address
What treatment methods do you use? What theories support them?
How do research findings impact the treatment planning and therapy choices you make as a clinician?
Turn in the original answers to the interview and include the name, workplace contact information, credentials of the clinician you interviewed, Include a website if applicable.

Summarize the interview answers in your own words

The last paragraph should be your reflection about what you have learned regarding the connection between research, theory and practice from this interview..

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