Psychology Movie Paper

For your assignment, please pick a movie and discuss a theme or themes from the movie that are relevant to our class (i.e., development across the lifespan). Your assignment should include the following sections:


What movie will you be discussing? What is the plot of the movie? What themes/constructs will you be addressing in your discussion? Please state what this assignment will attempt to accomplish.

Theme(s) from the class that are depicted in the movie

Each theme may address some aspect of physical, cognitive
or social development.

Discuss each theme separately using the book from the publisher’s notes as a source.
Please also use at least one peer-reviewed journal as an in-text citation in APA style for this assignment

You may wish to include a theory of development as part of your discussion. For example, you may refer to Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Freud, evolutionary theory etc…

Please stay away from direct quotes, unless they are absolutely necessary.

Feel free to use subtitles for each theme and some linking sentences between sections.


In this section, please summarize what you have discussed.


Please provide the movie, textbook, peer-reviewed journal article(s) and other sources as references in this last section using APA style.

Idea: The movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas. You can talk about the social and cognitive development of the grinch. Also, Freud’s theory can be compared to the grinch’s childhood trauma.

That is just an idea I had in mind but you are free to choose any movie you like !

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