Protocol and Pseudorandom Functions.

Research paper on BB84 Protocol ( Pseudorandom functions)

research paper of 25 pages.

  • each page 300 word, single space with Arial font and size of 10
  • Titles and subtitles are in Arial font and size of 12 (bolds)
  • APA Format
  • References Must be books, papers and research report
No Extra details given . Subject is Cryptography. Topic of research paper is BB84 Protocol (Pseudorandom functions) . With above mentioned reuirements

cover both BB84 Protocol and Pseudorandom Functions topics in paper..almost equally. Thats importnat.

Paper should address both topics. Theory, examples and any figures etc. And proper references. Dont worry about count, just try to give around 25 pages..including references and title page, abstract and conclusion in apa format.

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