1) The gametophytes of an unknown plant are contained within the sporophyte, and the plant produces separate male and female gametophytes. Which OF the following is the best conclusion about the life cycle of this plant?
1) The plant is a moss, and the sporophyte is its dominant phase.
2) The plant is a gymnosperm, and the sporophyte is its dominant phase.
3) The plant is a fern, and the gametophyte is its dominant phase.
4) The plant is an angiosperm, and the gametophyte is its dominant phase.
2) Which of the following organisms is a vertebrate?
1) Insect
2) Sponge
3) Fish
4) Starfish
3) Which of the following best describes a characteristic that distinguishes animals from protists?
1) Most animals are eukaryotes, and most protists are prokaryotes.
2) Most animals have bilateral symmetry, and most protists have radial symmetry.
3) Most animals have cell walls containing proteins, and most protist cell walls contain chitin.
4) Most animals are multicellular, and most protists are unicellular.
4) Which of the following best describes similarities that exist between reptiles and amphibians?
1) They are both ectothermic and have two-chambered hearts.
2) They both have streamlined bodies and three-chambered hearts.
3) They are both vertebrates that lay eggs to reproduce.
4) They both have gills at some stage in their lives and are endothermic.
5)Describe the function of the structure pictured below.
1) Asexual reproduction
2) Spore production
3) Sexual reproduction
4) Water absorption
6) How do fungi differ from plants?
1) Fungi are heterotrophic organisms but plants are not.
2) Fungi contain vascular tissues but plants do not.
3) Fungi have cell walls of cellulose but plants have walls of chitin.
4) Fungi are autotrophic organisms but plants are not.
7) Identify the fungus type pictured below.
1) Club fungi
2) Sac fungi
3) Imperfect fungi
4) Zygote fungi
8) Which characteristic could help you distinguish between plants and fungi?
1) The color of the organism
2) The hyphae structures in the organism
3) The growing location of the organism
4) The spores made by the organism
9) Which scenario describes a mutually beneficial relationship with fungi in an ecosystem?
1) Fungus growing inside an anthill
2) Fungus growing on the leaves of plants
3) Fungus used as food for human consumption
4) Fungus used to make medications for humans
10) If there was a sudden decrease of fungus in a specific area, explain the impact this would have on the plant populations within this environment.
11) Fungi cannot make their own food through photosynthesis. How do they take in nutrients?
12)Which stage is the dominant stage in gymnosperms?
1) Sporophyte
2) Gametes
3) Spores
4) Gametophyte
13)What grows inside the structure pictured below?
1) Gametophytes
2) Flagellated sperm
3) Spores
4) Sporophytes
14) A spore stalk grows from the gametophyte of a moss. What is the next step in its life cycle?
1) Gametophyte
2) Meiosis
3) Gametes
4) Mitosis
15) Which of the following shows a reduction of chromosomes by half?
1) Male gametophyte to flagellated sperm
2) Sporophyte to spores
3) Male gametophyte to spores
4) Female gametophyte to zygote
16) Which of the following is true of conifers?
1) Female cones produce pollen that fertilizes the egg.
2) Most coniferous trees have both male and female cones.
3) Male cones cannot produce pollen unless fertilized by the female cone.
4) Female cones produce pollen that is trapped by the male cones’ scales.
17) Angiosperms do not need water for fertilization. Why?
1) Flagellated sperm travel to the ovary inside the pistil
2) Pollen stays inside the cone scales to fertilize eggs
3) A pollen tube grows from the pollen grain into the ovary
4) The sporophytes grow directly from the gametophytes
18) Identify the four floral organs of a complete flower.
19) A strawberry plant is an example of a plant that can reproduce through the process of vegetative reproduction. Are the offspring of the strawberry plant genetically identical or genetically different from the parent? Explain?

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