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9 questions of a course work about Project Management

Number of pages: 2 pages/double spaced (550 words)

Number of source/references: 1

This course work in Project Management contains 9 questions.
Each of the 4 questions of Problem 1, must be answered in bullet points. Each question must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 topics.
Regarding Problems 2,4 and 5, these must be answered in a more detailed way than the previous questions.
The last topic of Problem 3 must be answered in a similar way as the questions in Problem 1.
All 9 questions must be answered in 2 pages and the questions themselves shouldn´t be on the document, they should only be identified. For example: Problem 1, question 1, and then the answer, and so on.
P.S. In Problem 2, I think it is necessary to do a Project Charter but I am not sure. I live it up to you to decide.


After two months of the project, which intends to launch a relevant product to the market, the project manager, when meeting with the team, verifies that in the next two weeks practically the whole team is unexpectedly on vacation.

  1. Identify at least six main potential causes of this situation having occurred
  2. Identify at least six potential impacts of this situation
  3. Identify at least six solutions in order of PRIORITY to minimize the impact on the project.
  4. Identify at least six lessons learned EXCLUSIVELY for the problem presented for them to be recommended for future projects.


Imagine that you were recently invited to be the director of operations for a logistics company and that you detected that there are exaggerated paper costs. All operation records are printed, the contract with the paper supplier has been unchanged for 10 years, among others. In order to be able to present an initiative to solve this problem in the organization, present in detail how you would define the beginning of this project and what would justify it. If necessary, make assumptions.


Imagine that, as a GP, you receive the following project status data:

Initial estimated total cost: € 24,000

CostPerformanceIndex = 0.99

Initially expected duration: 120 days

Schedule Performance Index= 0.64


  • Expected final duration
  • Expected final cost
  • Minimum of 4 approaches to catch up on the project


Comment on the following sentence: “The operation precedes and occurs after the project”


Comment on the following sentence: “Lessons learned are future and not past”

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