Prescription opiods

A cover page, abstract & a reference page (work cited page)
Your evaluation is a summary and analysis in your own words. In instances when you paraphrase or quote the article, you must cite the source.
Write your article evaluation by answering ALL of the following questions (in this order):
What is the title of your article and who is (are) the author(s)? In what journal article did it appear and when?
What question, problem, or hypotheses did the author(s) investigate? What was the purpose of the study? If there is no hypothesis, indicate as such.
Summarize prior research on the topic. (The article will include a section that provides an overview of other relevant research). Summarize and cite the most relevant prior research. All those cited in your paper must be included in your work cited page.
Where was the study conducted and who were the participants? How were the participants (sample) selected? Describe the participants in detail.
Summarize the method/procedure. What instruments & techniques were used?
What were the findings/results of the study? (summarize in your own words)
Did the findings turn out as the author/researcher had anticipated? Why or why not? Relate the findings to the hypothesis, question or purpose.
What were the strengths and weaknesses of the study? (i.e., sample size, sample selection, design, procedure, amount of information, bias, etc.)
What was (were) the primary contribution(s) of the study? What did this study add to our understanding of the topic and what new information was provided that was not known previously?
If you were instructed to do a follow-up study, what would you do and why?
Discuss your personal thoughts and views on this topic (relate to your own experiences). Why did you choose this topic?
here is the article that needs to be evaluated

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