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I have about 1000 words written already in an outline with a Works Cited page. I need it formulated into a 6-7 page research paper. I encourage you to change/add anything you wish within the essay using information from sources on the works cited page, though the sources themselves cannot be changed or swapped out. You may use an addition 2 open web resources. The assignment instructions are as follows:
Assignment 3: Information Synthesis with Research
(100 points; 6-7 pages plus a works cited page)

Purpose: Inform

Topic: Prescription Drug Prices: should a cap be placed on the “markup” of prescription drugs?

Goal: Compose a research paper of six pages minimum that discusses opposing sides of a controversial topic while ethically incorporating research from a minimum of six credible sources accessed through the online research databases.

For each of these topics, keep in mind you’re presenting different perspectives regarding this controversial subject matter and citing sources to demonstrate the different points of view. Remember, the purpose of this essay is informative, so at no time during this essay will you present your opinion. You are simply relying on what individual authors say to create a discourse regarding an idea. Try to be as objective as possible.

Thesis: Your thesis statement should present different sides on which you will focus. The model for organization you choose will indicate what type of informative thesis statement you compose. Review the thesis statement samples for both PRO-CON and MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES. Please keep in mind, any concept you introduce in your thesis should be discussed in the body of your essay:

Example: Some believe that distance learning is an important model of education for students to obtain a college degree, yet others feel that the negative elements associated with distance learning often hinder students in their pursuit of higher education.

Incorporating Sources: Each paragraph of your essay should rely on source material to develop each claim, so you should still use the claim, support, discussion model:

Lead with a strong topic sentence
introduce your source to build credibility
quote your source ethically using a signal phrase and an in-text citation; because this is an objective essay, it may be more beneficial to quote individual sources instead of summarizing their perspective
end the paragraph by discussing the source and transitioning to the next idea.

It is best not to use more than two sources per paragraph as this is a short essay, and avoid quote stacking, plopping one quote on top of another.

***Please note that your paragraphs should NOT begin with a source. The paragraph will begin with a TOPIC SENTENCE introducing the idea/subject for that paragraph, and then you will use sources to discuss the idea presented in the topic sentence. ***

Research: A minimum of six sources will come from the OCC databases, which can include either the Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Points of View Reference Center, Encyclopedia Britannica High, or Gale Virtual Reference Library, so each of your bibliographical entries (your work cited page entries) will use the format for a work accessed from an online database. You are also welcome to use an additional two open web sources in your essay if you like, but you are not required to use the open web. Please use no more than ten sources for this paper total.

Also be sure to:

Provide a works cited page
Have a thesis statement that focuses the essay by listing multiple, differing perspectives OR a pro-con setup. Please see the PPT on Writing an Informative Essay for examples of the two different formats.
Use focused topic sentences with transitions
Compose a discussion with an appropriate level of development for a college composition class. Use the claim-support-analysis structure in each body paragraph
Use MLA format to set up your essay (don’t forget your pagination!)
Stay objective; keep your purpose in mind while writing.
Do not rely on more than two quotations per paragraph

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