PowerPoint Presentation analysis

The essay will be based on “Where are you Going, Wher

Here is the book that read
Concepts of Healthcare Informatics
Required Texts

Weaver, C.A., Ball, M.J., Kim, G.R. & Kiel, J.M. (Eds.) (2015). Healthcare Information Management Systems: Cases, Strategies, and Solutions, (4th ed.). New York, NY: Springer.
ISBN: VS9783319207650
Course Description
This course explores the development and utilization of healthcare informatics as it relates to the administration of healthcare agencies and institutions. Students will appraise the theoretical underpinnings of healthcare informatics. A comprehensive overview of healthcare practices will be examined. Acquisition of clinical and financial information, processing, analysis and reporting as well as informatics trends and issues will also be explored.
Course Objectives
• Analyze issues important in making decisions on the selection, implementation, and support of systems including infrastructure requirements, structure and functions of healthcare informatics departments
• Integrate a strategic and tactical process for planning and managing informatics projects that meet clinical, compliance, and financial needs
• Evaluate technologies and trends for consumers and healthcare providers
• Examine the issues, theories, current applications, and future trends in healthcare informatics
• Analyze the methods to support nursing and personalized care in healthcare informatics

PowerPoint Presentation
Analyze how you have met the course objectives and present your analysis in at least 18 PowerPoint slides with a voiceover. Remember to use best practices when designing your presentation. Click here for assistance in recording the voiceover for your presentation.
• Discuss the objectives thoroughly;
• Summarize and review what you have learned;
• Evaluate how you have met the objectives;
• Discuss potential improvements and future studies; and
• Support your presentation with references.
Present your analysis in at least 18 PowerPoint slides with a voiceover (excluding the title and reference slide). Support your presentation with at least 5 references.
The PowerPoint Presentation should include:
1. At least 18 slides in length (excluding the title and reference slide);
2. A title slide;
3. An introductory slide;
4. Critical analysis;
5. A conclusion slide;
6. All references (at least 5) are in APA style;
7. The slides are presented with a voiceover, detailed notes on each slide may also be included.

e Have you Been?” by Joyce Carol Oats and “Young Goodman Brown,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In both of these texts, the reader is presented with seemingly innocent characters that meet with evil and are destroyed by it. Which text better illustrates the terrifying existence of evil in the world?

Thesis Statement – must be declarative, clear, and arguable.

 Analysis

o An in depth understanding of the texts with no errors of fact– e.g., “Young Goodman Brown” takes place in India.

o The essay supports the argument made in the thesis statement.

o Each paragraph points back to the thesis statement.

o The conclusion summarizes points made in the essay and may repeat the thesis statement.

o The essay must include textual evidence in the form of direct quotations from the primary texts.

 Organization – The texts must receive equal coverage. Each paragraph must transition well into the following paragraph. A clear counterargument

 A clear refutation of the counterargument

 Reliability of outside sources

 Integration of quotations

 MLA – the essay must be in correct and complete MLA format

 Mechanics – spelling, punctuation, and grammar must be correct.


 4-6 Pages

 MLA Format

 A minimum of 4 Outside sources

 A minimum of 4 Quotations from each primary text

 Works Cited Page

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