Political and Security challenge

Explain this two current issues in accommodation industry?
· Increased health and well-being focus
Today, visitors take care of their health; with well-equipped fitness centers, pools and spas, hotels respond. Travelers are constantly expecting creative solutions for well being. They also increase their hygiene and disinfecting routines to them better and safeguard their welfare in utmost regard, as per Corona Virus concerns.
· Political and Security challenges
Again, this is one of the hospitality industry’s top management concerns. The dilemma of coping with the macro problems of socio-political as well as economic challenges. Today’s threat of terrorism has changed how people travel and where they travel. The role of hotel managers is to ensure that appropriate surveillance systems are installed and maintained throughout so that guests can feel relaxed and secure. Hotel managers have to rely on high tech gadgets and apps to cope with security issues, which can be costly to procure and maintain.
Security risks are accounted for by a lot of macro and micro factors this ranges from micro problems such as data theft to macro problems such as terrorism. Hotel managers need to predict and research any possible risks and be prepared to reduce or fully avoid losses in such a scenario.
also this two future issues in accommodation industry?
· Company reconstruction during natural calamities and crises
During the COVID19 epidemic, the whole world shut down travel, because of which the hotel industry even had to shut down its activities. Canceled reservations, permanent lockdowns, hotels shut down; these were undoubtedly the travel and hospitality industry’s hardest affected times. Although surviving these times is a struggle, it is also a greater challenge to come out of these times as a survivor.
· The shift in patterns and dynamics in marketing
Changing the pattern in advertisement and promotions also poses an issue for hoteliers. The conventional techniques of marketing are not successful now. So, this raises one of the hospitality industry’s toughest obstacles for those who have always kept to the old-school practices. Internet marketing is a surefire tactic, but it would take hotel owners years to build their strength.

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