Persuasive speech “pet peeve”, 50 item skills, and work cited listing


I need a persuasive speech “pet peeve” as well as 50 item skills and work cited listing in a three separate word files. the speech is about “Data Privacy Challenges” and must be 8 minutes. the Intro should be 5% of the speech “30 seconds Max” to get the listeners’ interest. then, the thesis that will be the last sentence in the first paragraph “it must contain a minimum of three of the main parts you plan to represent in the speech.” the body is 90% “7 minutes Max”. it will identify the problem you will try to solve in the form of one story that suggests the problem to be solved. limit the story length to a max of 10% “60 seconds of the body.” the body should provide 3-5 solutions to the problem drawn from resources can ve reached here:, (Do not use any other sources). add evidences from the resources, include and cite a main of two direct quotations, and 5 other pieces of evidence from a minimum of 3 authoritative sources in providing solutions. the sources solutions should be at least 40% of the body. the conclusion is 5% “30 seconds max” restate the thesis, review the major ideas (solutions) and offer a memorable ending. For the “50 item skills”, they are the tool you will develop to help you to deliver the speech. the sources provided as C resources in C5-1_ C6-11 and C7-6, they are the behaviors you will use to deliver speech. select any “35” you think can be challenging from the 315 skills C5-1_C6-12; then place the code “M6” after item #35 to identify module 6 as the source. select “15” challenging skills from the 78 check-marked skills in C7-1_C7-6, then place the code “M7” after #50 to identify module 7 as the source, (don’t forget to number them). you should also include a “measurable skills” those provide a count…”I will say” um” or “uh” only two times”, because they allow measurable evaluation, how many of your present skills meet this standard?. you must submit a minimum of “20” of the 50 skills as “measurable”, and must apply these skills throughout the speech. Evaluate the speech skills you are building. Label all nonverbal skills (N) and all vocal skills (V) before the appropriate item numbers in the 50 skills list. also, insure that 20 of 50 skills are expressed measurable and labeled (M). (5N, 5V, 20M) required. For the “work cited listing”, cite the resources used in the speech.

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