Persuasive Essay on the Electoral College with Counterargument and Refutation

Electoral College Essay Assignment Requirements.


Compose a Persuasive Essay on the Electoral College Following the Outline for an Essay with a Counter-Argument and Refutation.


Length: 1,000 Words Not Counting the Work Cited Page


Document quotations using MLA (Modern Language Association) in-text and works-cited format. The first time you quote someone, you should use a present tense speech tag set off with a comma, containing the full name of the person with an appositive specifying qualification. Thereafter, use only the family (typically last) name in speech tag. Put page number at the end of sources with page number, for example (4). The Works-Cited page begins a new page with a centered title reading Work Cited. Works are cited in alphabetical order (usually by the author’s family name) in hanging indentation format. All text in an formal essay is double spaced.


Create a thesis based on either the affirmative or negative position on the motion, (for or against, pro or con, on the issue) “Should the president of the U.S. be elected by direct popular vote or the electoral college vote?” (Note that the format of the issue is a thesis question!) State a clear thesis in your own words. (Note that a thesis is a statement clearly on one side or the other; it is not a question.) Use third person, not first, when you formulate your thesis.


In the introduction, define terms that must be clearly understood that are found in the thesis of the essay, a counter thesis to the essay, and in arguments for or against the thesis of the essay. For example, define the term “electoral college.”


Quote both debaters who are on the side of the debate controversy that you have selected. Use six to nine short quotes to support your arguments.

Quote one or two of the debaters on the other side of the motion two to four times to support the counter-thesis and counter-argument.

Quote the databases “Electoral College Opposing Viewpoints” and “Issues and Controversies Electoral College” pro-and-con article two to four times to support your arguments for the thesis of your essay.

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